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Soil Science Australia is committed to supporting you, your interests, career and industry.

Your development is our focus

As the non-governmental peak body for soils and soil science we represent all stakeholders of the soil resource, and are well equipped to support individuals working in industries interfacing with soil.

With approximately 1000 members there is a wealth of knowledge and a strong professional network in our organisation – no matter what your requirement is, we will be able to cater to your professional and knowledge needs.

We provide soil scientists, soil practitioners and soil stakeholders with access to training, soil information, and a strong community. We provide professional accreditation and ensure the standards of a professional soil scientist.

We are firmly focussed on the future of Australia’s soils so that all Australian’s may prosper – you are a part of this and we are dedicated to your development.

Training opportunities

Short courses to create and refresh your skills.

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Becoming a soil scientist

Structuring your education towards soil science grad…

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Jobs in soil science

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Graduate pathways

Guidance towards your career path in soils.

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Mentor network

Interact with the soils community to grow, share …

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CPSS Accreditation

For certified professional
soil scientists.

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