Conference Award Winners

Conference Awards include the best oral presentation of a paper and the best poster display at the national conference to candidates less than 35 years of age and the Johan Bouma Award. Awards are made on the basis of the most effective communication of the presenter’s work to a scientific audience at each National Soils Conference.

Award Winners

2018 Patrick Filippi (under 35 Poster)
2018 Sally McIntosh (over 35 poster)
2018 Ivana Oliver (under 35 Oral)
2018 Michael Rose (over 35 Oral)
2018 Kanika Singh (combined hard/soft science)
2016 Cameron Ollsen (Best Student Presentation)
2016 Colin Rivers (Best Poster)
2016 Olivia Cousins (Best Student Poster)
2016 Mario Fajardo (John Bouma Award)
2014 Z Weng (u35 oral)
2014 Ashleigh Broadbent (poster u35)
2014 A.Biggs (poster o35)
2014 C.Butterly (oral o35)
2012 L. Fisk (oral u35)
2012 J. Scarrow (poster u35)
2012 T. Overheu (poster o35)
2012 Henry Janzen (Johan Bouma Award)
2010 V. Wong (oral u35)
2010 J. Coad (poster u 35)
2010 J. Hirth (poster)
2010 D. Field (oral o35)
2010 L. Abbott (Johan Bouma Award)
2006 A. Kinsela (oral)
2006 Y. Ma (poster)
2006 R. Doyle (oral)
2006 L Loganathan (poster)
2004 L. Sullivan (oral)
2004 T. Baisden (poster)
2002 L. Clark (oral)
2000 A. Dowley (poster)
2000 L. Burkitt (oral)
2000 Y. Li (oral)

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