Who we are

Soil Science Australia’s governing body is the Federal Council, consisting of the Executive Committee, the President of each of the seven branches, and the Chair of the Certified Professional Soil Scientist Board.

Executive Committee

Soil Science Australia is incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 1991 of the Australian Capital Territory. The current Statement of Purposes and Rules was revised and agreed at the 2019 Annual General Meeting.

Associate Professor Luke Mosley CPSS

Vice President
Dr Vanessa Wong CPSS


Dr Ashlea Doolette

Mr Darren Kidd

Executive Officer
Mr Michael Walker FIML FGIA MAICD

Click here for list of past Federal Office Bearers since 1956.

2019 Federal Council

Branch Presidents
New South Wales Dr Jon Triantafilis
Riverina Mr Jason Condon
South Australia Mr Edward Scott
Tasmania Mrs Robyn Doyle
Victoria Dr Samantha Grover CPSS
Western Australia Mr Henry Smolinski
Queensland Dr Aaditi Dang
Affiliated Committees
CPSS Board Chair Dr JP Cumming CPSS
Soils in Schools Dr Gillian Kopittke CPSS
Training Committee Mr Bernie Powell CPSS-AusSS
Calendar Committee Dr Aaditi Dang

2019 CPSS Board

CPSS Board Members
Chair Dr John Paul Cumming CPSS, Ph.D., B.Agr.Sc.(Hons), GAICD
Deputy Chair Ms Lynette Dohle, M.Agr.Sc.(Soil Cons.), B.Agr.Sc.(Hons)
Mr Simon Buchanan CPSS,  M.Phil.(Disturbed Land Rehab.), B.LandRes.Sci.(Hons)
Dr Andrew Biggs CPSS, Ph.D., B.Sc.Agr.(Hons)
Dr Kirsten Barlow CPSS Ph.D., B.Agr.Sc.(Hons), Dip.Bus.(FLM)
Dr John Paul Cumming CPSS, Ph.D., B.Agr.Sc.(Hons), GAICD
CPSS Officer Dr Katharine Brown CPSS

2019 Strategic Advisory Committee

Associate Professor Luke Mosley CPSS
Associate Professor John McLean Bennett CPSS
Professor Lyn Abbott
Professor Alex McBratney CPSS
Professor Mike McLaughlin CPSS
Professor Neal Menzies CPSS