The Australian Society of Soil Science Incorporated, known as Soil Science Australia is a not-for-profit, professional association for soil scientists and people interested in the responsible management of Australia’s soil resources.

Soil Science Australia supports soil scientists and promotes the importance of soil as a finite resource. Some members are students, some are at the start of their careers while others are highly regarded experts in Australia and internationally.

Soil Science Australia has seven branches and is governed by an elected Federal Council. Each branch has its own committee responsible for organising local educational, professional development and networking events.

Soil Science Australia is a member of the International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS) and contributes to the National Committee on Soil and Terrain (NCST).

What we do: Vision, Mission and Objectives

As the peak body for soil scientists and people interested in soils, Soil Science Australia educates, advocates and advises, at all levels, in the interest of Australian prosperity.

Our Vision

Our vision is that soils are valued and protected by all, so that current and future generations of Australians can thrive.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the importance of soil in the Australian environment, build a strong and collaborative soil science community, influence policy development, as well as advance the professional capability of our members. We will achieve this by:

Communicating and advocating for the importance of soil with key stakeholders

Developing and supporting professional standards of practise in soil science

Enhancing expertise and providing professional development services accessible to all

Supporting educational opportunities for young Australians through the development of soil science activities and teaching material for incorporation in the Australian curriculum

Recognising excellence in soil science within our membership base and in the wider community

Providing value to our members and ensuring our long term sustainability.

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Statement of Purposes and Rules

Soil Science Australia is incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 1991 of the Australian Capital Territory. The current Statement of Purposes and Rules was revised and agreed at the 2018 Annual General Meeting.

Equity & Diversity

Soil Science Australia is a vibrant community that reflects the diversity of people, interests and backgrounds around the world. Members include all genders at all career stages, from undergraduate students to eminent retired academics, research scientists, government employees, industry practitioners and consultants.

Soil Science Australia recognises the importance of equity and diversity and aims to:

  1. Proactively engage in practices that encourage diversity and equity.
  2. Promote and connect soil scientists within Soil Science Australia who proactively want to encourage diversity and equity.
  3. Promote soil science as an interesting and diverse career to all, irrespective of age, background and gender.

See our Equity and Diversity Strategy for more information.

Corporate Governance

Soil Science Australia’s governing body is the Federal Council, consisting of the Executive Committee, the President of each of the seven branches, and the Chair of the Certified Professional Soil Scientist Board.