National Committee on Soil and Terrain

The National Committee for Soil and Terrain (NCST) is a collaborative committee comprising Australian and State government agencies with a lead role in soil and land resource assessment and reporting. It is a Standing Committee for the Australian Soil Network (ASN – the implementation committee for the National Soil RD&E Strategy) and advises the Terrestrial Ecosystems Research Network (TERN) Landscapes activity.

An overarching goal of the NCST is to improve access to and quality of land resource information to help secure the nation’s soils and landscapes for productive and profitable industries, healthy ecosystems and sustainable communities.

The NCST oversees three important technical working groups supporting critical needs for land and soil assessment in Australia

  • The Digital Soil Mapping group
  • The Australian Soil Classification group, and
  • The Review and update of the Australian Land and Soil Survey Field Handbook.




Terms of Reference 

Operational Plan 2019-2020

Strategic Plan 2019-2020


Soils Data, Maps and Information Sources