Honorary Life Members

Honorary Life Membership may be given to retired members of Soil Science Australia who have given eminent service to Soil Science Australia and/or the soil science profession.

Nomination Process

Nominees must have had at least 15 years membership of Soil Science Australia and have given:

  • significant service to Soil Science Australia such as through committee membership, service as an office bearer, contribution to the organisation of conferences, field days and the operation of branches and/or
  • eminent service to the profession of soil science.

No more than 25 people may be Honorary Life Members at any time and no more than four people will be awarded Honorary Life Membership in a calendar year.

Nominations must be made on the prescribed nomination form, available from the Federal Office or Soil Science Australia website at the beginning of each calendar year. Nominations must be submitted electronically to the Federal Secretary and copied to the Federal Office not later than May 31 in the year in which the Medal is to be awarded.

Nominations are to be prepared by a nominator and a seconder.


Honorary Life Members will normally be announced by the Federal President or proxy at each national conference held by Soil Science Australia or at another event determined by the Federal Council.

Current Honorary Life Members

Dr Graham Aylmore WA
Dr Robin Bruce QLD
Mr Peter Charman NSW
Mr Max Churchward WA
Professor Robert Gilkes WA
Mr Bernard Powell CPSS QLD
Professor Jim Quirk WA
Emeritus Professor Calvin Rose QLD
Mr Jim Rowan VIC
Dr John Standley OAM QLD
Dr Nicholas Uren VIC
Dr Robert van de Graaff CPSS VIC
Dr Pat Walker NSW
Dr Stan Waring QLD
Emeritus Professor Robert White CPSS VIC