JK Taylor OBE Medal

The JK Taylor OBE Gold Medal in Soil Science is awarded for excellence in both research and the reporting of that research by publication. The award recognises the most meritorious research publication(s) in any form including papers, books, maps, videos, films, and other forms acceptable to the Taylor Medal Committee. The award winner receives a medal and certificate.

The award is open to soil scientists who have worked in Australia and New Zealand. Eligible research publications are normally those published in any format from January onwards in the year following the previous award of a JK Taylor Medal. The research communication subject must deal with soil research related to Australian and/or New Zealand soils and must reflect the results of a soil scientist’s own work in the field of soil science.

Only the senior author of a joint publication is eligible to receive the award. In the case of a publication by two authors where it can be demonstrated that the work was cooperatively and equally shared, the JK Taylor Medal award may be shared and two medals presented. Multi-author papers will be considered on their merits.

Nomination Process

Nominations must be made on the prescribed application form, available from the Federal Office or Soil Science Australia website at the beginning of each calendar year. Nominations must be submitted electronically to the Federal Secretary and the Federal Office before the closing date in the year in which the Medal is to be awarded.

Nominations are to be prepared by a nominator and a seconder and supported by three additional financial members of Soil Science Australia. The nomination may include the names of up to two referees on whom the Taylor Medal Committee may call.

Award Presentation

The award is made every two years, in the year of the Soils Science Australia national conference, including the joint Australian and New Zealand national conference.

Award Winners

1984 R.J. Coventry
1988 N.J. Barrow
1992 L.F. Molloy
1996 P.M.Chalk and C.J. Smith
1998 O.T. Denmead
2002 D.R.Strong
2006 S.E. Smith (Sally)
2008 A. McBratney and B. Minasny
2010 R.E.White
2014 J. Tisdalll and M. Oades
2016 Gordon (Jock) Churchman
2018 Peter Kopittke


The JK Taylor Medal results from a gift of money in 1983 from the Taylor family to commemorate the life and work of John Kingsley Taylor, OBE.