Riverina branch awards and sponsorship

The Riverina Branch provides support for undergraduate and postgraduate students of Soil Science. It does this by supporting postgraduate student's attendance at conferences and with an undergraduate student prize.

Student attendance at conferences

Students (generally post graduates) are supported to attend conferences in conjunction with the Federal Council on a ‘dollar for dollar’ basis, that is, with the Riverina Branch matching funds offered by Federal Council. Hence our general Conditions of Support align with those of Federal Council. However we may offer additional support under some circumstances, such as the recent transfer of a post graduate student between branches, involving the Riverina.

Conditions of Support

  • The student should have been a member of the Soil Science Australia Riverina Branch for at least 12 months prior to the conference. It is suggested that supervisors encourage Student Membership for all relevant post-graduate students.
  • The student must have a paper or poster accepted at the conference.
  • The student must be prepared to make a presentation at a branch meeting, either presenting their conference paper or poster, or a fuller account of their studies.
  • A brief written report on the conference, and student’s own experience of it, is required.


  • Applicants should submit a brief resume, the names of their supervisors, and a list of previously attended conferences, including sponsorship for the latter.
  • A budget of expenses (travel, accommodation, registration) should be submitted.
  • Applications for other funding e.g. Graham Centre travel scholarships, should be noted.


  • Applications will be evaluated by a committee which will normally be the branch executive, which may co-opt a member if there is a concern over vested interests.
  • The outcome of the request for support will be conveyed in writing to the student as soon as practicable, including a reminder of the Conditions of Support, clauses 3 and 4.

Exceptional circumstances

There will inevitably be circumstances where the applicant cannot meet some of the Conditions of Support. Support under those circumstances should not be expected. However, the Branch retains the right to consider exceptional cases where:

  • benefit is likely for both the student and the Branch, and
  • funds permit.

Riverina branch student prize

Eligibility: Any student enrolled in PSC415 Soil Management at Charles Sturt University in the year of the award.

Selection criteria: Awarded to the student with the highest aggregated mark for PSC415 in the year of the award.

Prize: Certificate, $200 cheque, and student membership of Soil Science Australia for one year.