CPSS Board members

Dr John Paul Cumming CPSS, Ph.D., B.Ag.Sc.(Hons), GAICD.

John Paul is Director of Geo-Environmental Solutions Pty Ltd. John Paul has a background in environmental soil chemistry and is an honorary research associate in the faculty of science engineering and technology at the University of Tasmania. He is a graduate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. In his role at GES John Paul has completed numerous land capability and geotechnical assessments for residential, commercial and government clients. Over the past twelve years John Paul has supervised over 5000 site and soil classifications for residential developments according to AS2870-2011 and AS/NZS1547-2000.

Dr Kirsten Barlow CPSS Ph.D., B.Ag.Sc.(Hons), Dip.Bus.(FLM)
Deputy Chair

Dr Kirsten Barlow is a Senior Research Scientist working within the Systems Modelling group in the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources. Kirsten has a background in soil chemistry with 15 years experience in laboratory and field-based research on chemical transport (particularly phosphorus and nitrogen) from agricultural systems. During her Ph.D., Kirsten investigated the effect of spatial scale on phosphorus export in irrigated dairy production systems, in particular phosphorus movement through surface drainage networks. Kirsten is now using computer models at paddock to landscape scales to evaluate the impact of farming systems, land management strategies and a variable climate on agricultural production and the environment. She is currently working on investigating the impacts of extreme heat and frost events on wheat production and coordinating DEDJTR’s long term research sites across the state.

Dr Andrew Biggs CPSS Ph.D., B.Sc.Ag(Hons)
Board Member

Dr Andrew Biggs is a Senior Soil Scientist with the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy in Queensland. Andrew has 25 years’ experience in soil survey and land evaluation throughout Queensland. His PhD was focussed on catchment scale salt balances in the Queensland Murray-Darling Basin and he has spent many years working in the field of salinity and shallow hydrogeology. Andrew has a strong interest in soil survey data quality and was a key member of the team that developed the Queensland Government soil survey database. He also has a strong focus on the ecological applications of soil data through involvement in a number of projects concerned with flora and fauna distribution. Andrew is a past-president of the Queensland Branch of the Society and has been actively involved in running soil refresher training workshops for the Branch for more than a decade. He is an Honorary Senior Fellow in the School of Agriculture and Food Science at the University of Queensland.

Mr Simon Buchanan CPSS, M.Phil.(Disturbed Land Rehabilitation), B.LandRes.Sci.(Hons)
Board Member

Simon has over fourteen years of practice as an environmental scientist in consulting, research, and government organisations. His experience relates to various aspects of environmental activities for development, construction, and mining and has worked at numerous projects across Queensland, Northern Territory, and New South Wales.  Simon is recognised as a Certified Professional Soil Scientist (CPSS) and a Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC).

From 2012 to 2014 Simon was appointed as a member of the Strategic Cropping Land Science and Technical Implementation Committee which provided independent scientific and technical advice on soil and land resources in relation to the implementation of the Strategic Cropping Land (SCL) policy to the Queensland Minister for Natural Resources and Mines. In 2014 Simon became a member of the Queensland Government-Industry Working Group for Soil Science.

Simon is also a Past President of the Soil Science Australia Qld Branch.

Prof Richard Bell CPSS
Board Member

Richard Bell is Professor of Land Management at Murdoch University. He has held academic positions at Murdoch since 1990. During that time he was taught earth science, soil science and land management to over 2,500 undergraduate and postgraduate students of environmental science. In addition, he has supervised  55 completed PhD and Masters by Research students and currently supervises 9  PhD and Masters students. Most of his research has been on crop nutrition, soil management, salinity management and land rehabilitation. From this work with colleagues and students, he has published  172 peer reviewed articles, 13 books and over 90 peer reviewed articles in books or proceedings. He has lecturing and research experience in Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, China,  Fiji, India, Laos, Thailand, Turkey, Sarawak, Sri Lanka, West Timor and Vietnam. He has been a member of the SSA WA Branch Committee from 1996-02 and from 2010 onwards.

Dr Katharine Brown CPSS 
CPSS Administrator