Submitting a complaint about a CPSS member

Soil Science Australia and the CPSS Board acknowledge the importance of professional ethics and integrity in soil science, we and expect CPSS members to uphold the highest standards of professional practice in line with the CPSS Code of Ethics and the CPSS Rules of Conduct. Sections 7.5 and 7.6 of the Rules of Soil Science Australia allow formal complaints against CPSS members to be addressed. The CPSS Board will accept and investigate formal complaints from individuals under the following provisos:

1)The complainant identifies himself/herself and provides contact details to allow the veracity of the complaint to be substantiated. The CPSS Board will not follow up or investigate any anonymous complaints.

2) Verifiable evidence is provided by the complainant showing unequivocally that the CPSS member has breached the Rules of Soil Science Australia, the CPSS Code of Ethics, or the CPSS Rules of Conduct. The Board will take no action if such evidence is not supplied in certified form.

If your complaint is verifiable and you are willing to formally identify yourself, you may submit a complaint by email with attached evidence to the CPSS Administrator, here.

Your complaint will be brought before the CPSS Board for consideration, after which Sections 7.5.1, 7.5.2, 7.5.3 and 7.5.4 plus Section 7.6 of the Rules of Soil Science Australia will be followed.