CPSS Ongoing Professional Development Diary

Soil Scientists with CPSS accrediation must engage in an average of 50 hours of professional development each year. To allow for fluctuations from year to year, the Ongong Professional Development (OPD) diary allows for a total of 150 hours over 3 years.

An OPD Diary must:

  • be completed and submitted by all applicants as part of the initial application process.
  • be kept up to date and submitted triennially by all Certified Professional Soil Scientists to maintain their accreditation. Some people prefer to submit diaries annually.
  • contain details of ongoing professional development undertaken in the previous calendar year.

Instructions for completing OPD diaries

Eligible activities are those that develop skills and knowledge in soil science and are considered professionally significant by employers and/or peers. Examples of eligible activities and the hours that can be claimed are detailed here.

Record the details of your Ongoing Professional Development in the 3-year Excel spreadsheet. Open the file, select the appropriate year tab, then insert your name and membership number, your email address and a contact phone number. Read the instructions at the top of the page then go down to either Section 1. “Professional Practice”, or Section 2. “Practice of Soil Science”. You will notice we have already inserted two entries (each credited with 5 hours) on your behalf – these recognize your membership in Soil Science Australia and that you read significantly about Soil Science as an integral part of your OPD.

  • Under the column ‘competency addressed’ use the drop-down menu to select a competency
  • Under the ‘hours claimed column’ insert the hours for the competency (please refer to the maximum claimable hours’
  • In the next two columns insert the relevant start and finish dates. If required, use the next column to record dates for shorter activities
  • In the next column describe the OPD activity and how it addresses the competency claimed
  • In the last column insert contacted details for people who can verify that you undertook the activity.

When you submit your OPD diary, a CPSS-accredited Assessor will evaluate your activities and credit you with up to a maximum of 75 hours, consisting of 50 hours for the current year, and up to 25 hours for the next year. You cannot gain accreditation based solely on carry-over hours.

Get started on you professional development