Date(s) - 01/10/2021 - 31/10/2021
12:00 am



Annual Boodja Lecture

WA Branch



After much consideration from the many options presented, the Annual Soil Science Lecture was given the name “Boodja” – a common Western Australian Aboriginal (Noongar) word for ‘land’ and a suitable match as this lecture series acknowledges the important role of Aboriginal understanding in the responsible management of the soil and land.

The Noongar people are the traditional owners of the South-West land division of Western Australia, which is defined by 14 different areas with varied geography and 14 dialectal groups. For thousands of years Noongar people have resided on and had a cultural connection to this land. Everything in our vast landscape has meaning and purpose, and the connection to Boodja (the land) is passed on through stories and expressive forms of art – which is what we hope to follow through this annual WA lecture series.



For further information, refer to the WA Branch Boodja Lecture page.