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Soil Science Australia has a mission to support policy and development, as the leading advocate for soils and soil science.

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The respected and experienced voice of soils and soil science

Soil Science Australia is the respected and experienced voice of the soil science profession committed to ensuring our soils are well managed for future generations.

We invite Governments of all levels engage our expertise on issues where soils are important. Our soil scientist membership base is 33% Professional Consultants, 33% Government scientists, and 33% Academic.

Soil Science Australia advocates for a public policy framework that:

  • Ensures soil security;
  • Communicates and advocates the importance of soil with key stakeholders;
  • Demands professional standards of practise in soil science;
  • Seeks to enhance expertise and provision of professional development services accessible to all; and,
  • Facilitates soil science educational opportunities today to build the workforce of tomorrow.

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