Partnering with Soil Science Australia

Community events

Soil Science Australia wants to support the community in their endeavours and seek to facilitate this with one off and ongoing partnerships with community organisations. 

Do you want a soil scientist at your event? Well get in touch and let’s work things out together. Whatever your needs, we have soil scientists comfortable with presenting at festivals, science fairs, community farms, formal dinners etc.

Conferences, workshops and symposia

Soil Science Australia is happy to partner in the running of conferences, workshops and symposia. We run our own conference every two years, in even numbered years. As a not-for-profit organisation, this means our ability to financially support external events is low. However, we can supply immense in kind contributions, such as expert-speakers, assistance in sourcing sponsorship, advice and assistance in running events, marketing and communication. 

We seek to partner with external events to add value and access to networks first and foremost. Let’s enhance the understanding of our soils together.

Contact us to discuss further.