About the Registered Soil Practitioner Program

Soil Science Australia’s Registered Soil Practitioner training helps professionals working with soil to expand their soil knowledge and deliver better soil management outcomes for their clients.

Training is delivered by Certified Professional Soil Scientists and accreditation allows you to demonstrate to customers you are a practitioner they can trust.

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Why is training and accreditation important?

Registered Soil Practitioners are trained to deliver fit for purpose soil sampling and interpretation to:

• improve the quality of soil data,
• reduce soil input and management costs and
• improve soil productivity.

Registered Soil Practitioners provide industry with the choice to work with accredited experts who can provide practical and scientifically valid advice to farmers and other land managers.

Land and natural resource managers can have confidence that a Registered Soil Practitioner has been trained to undertake soil sampling and interpretation in line with contemporary best practice that builds under a national training standard.


About the Enhancing Soil Education and Expertise Program

The purpose of the Enhancing Soil Education and Expertise program is to develop, implement and facilitate a new accreditation for soil practitioners.

The accreditation package will target existing professionals in the agricultural sector to improve the quality of advice provided to farmers.

The objectives are to:

• Tailor soil science accreditation at a national level to address the needs of the industries that require these skills.

• Support soil practitioners to provide appropriate, consistent and evidence-based soil knowledge and advice to land managers.

• Provide a career pathway to support individuals wanting a career working in soils-based industry.

• Support practical action that achieves the goals of the National Soil Strategy.

The Enhancing Soil Education and Expertise Program is being provided as part of the National Soil Strategy. It is a key part of the of the $214.9 million National Soil Package being delivered by the Australian Government.


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Soil Science Australia

Soil Science Australia is the national soil science body under the National Soil Strategy and a not-for-profit professional incorporated association for soil scientists and people interested in the responsible management of Australia’s soil resources.

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Our Partners

The development of the Registered Soil Practitioner training and accreditation has been funded by as part of the National Soil Strategy, Interim Action Plan: Enhancing Soil Education and Expertise.

It builds on the work of the Cooperative Research Centre for High Performance Soils (Soil CRC).

This project is supported by the Australian Government as part of the National Soil Strategy.

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