Be among Australia’s first Registered Soil Practitioners

Be among Australia’s first Registered Soil Practitioners

Soil Science Australia, as part of the National Soil Strategy is developing the Registered Soil Practitioner
(RSP) accreditation. 

The Registered Soil Practitioner (RSP) training and accreditation is being developed in collaboration with researchers, industry and government.

Soil professionals that become accredited will be able to display the Registered Soil Practitioner Seal as a mark of trust, that a soil professional has practical soil science expertise. 

If you are interested in learningmore and be among Australia’s first Registered Soil Practitioners, register your interest today.

What’s the difference between Certified Professional Soil Scientists and Registered Soil Practitioners?


Soil Science Australia runs two professional training and accreditation programs: Certified Professional Soil Scientist and Registered Soil Practitioner.

·      The Certified Professional Soil Scientist accreditation is the mark of a professional soil scientist, providing certainty to industry, government and researchers that they are working with a highly qualified and experience soil scientist.

  • The Registered Soil Practitioner training and accreditation ensures soil practitioners and professionals can implement fit for purpose soil sampling and interpretation to improve the quality of soil data, reduce soil input and management costs and improve soil productivity. Importantly, they’ll also be able to understand and identify when to bring in the expertise of Certified Professional Soil Scientists to solve more complex soil challenges.