Registered Soil Practitioner - Soil Management Accreditation

The Registered Soil Practitioner – Soil Management accreditation is a mark of trust that soil practitioners can implement fit for purpose soil sampling and interpretation.

The Registered Soil Practitioner seal is a recognised mark of trust and soil professionalism.

As a soil practitioner, you can have your qualifications and experience as a professional soil practitioner recognised by applying to become a RSP.

RSP – Soil Management practitioners are soil practitioners that:

  • Have at least three years professional work experience in soil OR relevant formal qualifications and at least one years professional work experience.
  • Adhere to the Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct,
  • Demonstrate a commitment to ongoing professional development, to maintain their expertise in soil.
  • Have had their application, and ongoing professional development reviewed by Soil Science Australia’s Accreditation Board.

Become accredited

RSP – Soil Management Accreditation can be achieved through a combination of training, mentoring and workforce experience. Applicants should consult the RSP – Standards for Registered Soil Practitioners and assess themselves against the competencies listed for each skill set.

RSP accreditation pathway and process

4 Steps to accreditation

1) Read the RSP – Soil Management Standards and assess yourself. You can also use this simple eligibility checker.

2) Review the accreditation pathway diagram to understand the full process, then get in touch to book a free and confidential call with the SSA Accreditation Team. 

3) Complete the narrative questions and RSP Fundamentals in Soil Science exam to demonstrate you have the practical skills and knowledge required (and receive a mark of 70% or more on the online quiz). There is a practice exam available.

4) Prepare and submit your application, including payment of the RSP Application Fee (please note there are discounts for members and RSP training participants). Your application review by a panel of experts.

5) Receive notification of application outcome.

RSP-Soil Managment standards, accreditation and requirements

Who should apply?

Applicants may be employed in any soils or soils adjacent industries, for example: agronomists, soil extensions officers, natural resource managers, CMA officers, grower groups and other soil professionals that undertake soil sampling and interpretation.

What’s needed to become accredited?

To be successful for RSP – Soil Management accreditation applicants must demonstrate to the RSP Assessment Panel that they have a proficient level of technical and theoretical competence across four core soil fields:

  • Basic fundamentals in soil science
  • Soil field analysis and site interpretation
  • Soil sampling for laboratory analysis
  • Soil data interpretation and application

Please contact the Accreditation Manager.  For more information, please read the RSP – Soil Management application form guide.

Important note for CPSS members:

As a CPSS you already meet the standard for RSP – Soil Management accreditation. You do not need to complete this application. Should you wish to obtain the RSP – Soil Management accreditation, please contact the Accreditation Team.

RSP Soil Management key documents and links

On-going Professional Development (OPD)

Once accredited as an Registered Soil Practitioner (RSP) to ensure your skills and knowledge remains current, a commitment is required to continuous professional development (CPD) or ongoing professional development (OPD). This is documented using an OPD Diary.

Diary Requirements
– Managing and storing your OPD is your responsibility. The RSP OPD Diary can be requested from SSA.
– RSPs must complete an average of 20 hours of OPD a year, for a total of 40 hours across 2 years.

OPD / CPD Requirements
– CPD activities are broad
– Some activities are a given activity value while for each activity, 1 hour is equal to 1 point
– Activities have a maximum allowable over the two year period
– RSP practitioners must record a minimum of 20 points worth of activities for each year
– There is the option for ‘other’. Here you must explain what your activity is and how it contributes to your OPD. If you are unsure if your activity is suitable, contact us.

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