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Gain access to soil technical expertise and benefit from the latest in soil science

Support is available for landholders, farmers, natural resource managers, advisers and smart farm small grant recipients.

Regional Soil Coordinators {inset link} are focal points for soils advice and create key links to expertise around the country. They connect you with soil expertise and activities going on in your region and are based in Drought and Innovation Hubs across Australia.

Soil Science Australia has a register of accredited Soil Science professionals. These professionals are private advisers, government employees or work in a university but all have attained the knowledge and practical understanding to achieve and maintain an accreditation.

Around Australia there are non-governmental organisations and state government departments you can contact for more information about soils. Use the Organisation directory {inset link} to find the right body in your state or territory or national bodies that carryout and fund soils projects.

Connect with your local Regional Soil Coordinator

Regional Soil Coordinators connect you with soil advice and expertise

Soil Science Australia, with the support of the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, have established a National Soil Science Extension Community of Practice (CoP) – ‘Smart Soils’ CoP. The National Soil Extension Coordinator and convener of the CoP is Abigail Jenkins.

The Smart Soils CoP is a group of extension-focused soil scientists from across Australia who meet regularly to collaborate and share knowledge. The CoP brings together the national network of drought and innovation hubs with the soil CRC, SSA member scientists and government.

The CoP creates opportunities for participants to network, share knowledge, build skills and create a bridge between soil science and practical on-the-ground application of soil sampling, soil data collection and interpretation and soil management to improve soil health.

Find an accredited soil scientist/practitioner

A Certified Practicing Soil Scientist (CPSS) is the expert in all things soils with many years of training, study and on the job experience. You can look at the CPSS register and find a soils scientist

A Registered Soil Practitioner has gained a deeper understanding of a specific aspect of soil such as soil sampling and interpretation. This accreditation is for agronomists, soil extension officers,  natural resource managers, grower groups project officers.

Find your regional government department or organisation

Most states and territories have government departments that can supply you with:

  • Soil maps including risk maps for specific soil issues such as acid sulfate soils
  • Information on legislation related to erosion, contamination
  • Soil carbon farming information and opportunities
  • Agronomic advice for your enterprise

In addition there are also non-government organisations that focus on soils; farming systems groups and volunteer-based groups such as Landcare help develop, promote and contribute to better soil management practices. Take a look at the org directory {inset link} to find the relevant organisation for you.

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