Soil Security

Soil security refers to the maintenance and improvement of soils worldwide so that they can continue to provide food, fibre and fresh water, contribute to energy and climate sustainability and help to maintain biodiversity and protect ecosystem goods and services. 

Food, Fibre and Water Security, connect to Soil Security

The soil security concept acknowledges that while soil has the capability to produce against our needs and is a source of capital, the condition of the soil, much like our health, defines this – this is why we seek to govern (codification) in balance of performance, longevity, and conservation – although it is our connectivity with the land, our soil, that is the most important. 

Through these five Cs (Capability, Capital, Condition, Codification and Connectivity) soil security transcends carbon markets and soil health, bringing together a system of thinking that allows production, social licence to operate, ecosystem services, land use management and prevenance driven markets together under one structure. 

Soil Science Australia is committed national and internationally to work with Governments in order to better manage our soil resource 

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Recommended reading

“Global Soil Security” – A detailed introduction to soil security edited by Soil Science Australia members Assoc. Prof. Damien Field and Prof. Alex McBratney in collaboration with friend of Soil Science Australia Prof. Christine Morgan. eBook available here