Training Opportunities with Soil Science Australia

Soil Science Australia understands that ongoing professional development in soil science is required and that there are often gaps in the private market. We offer numerous soils based courses from beginner through to advanced, on an as needed basis.

Available courses

Soil refresher course

A course for those wanting to top up on previous soils knowledge. A good course to help prepare for the Certified Professional Soil Scientist exam.

Soil classification and survey

A course on soil identification that can be tailored for the audience. Suits beginner and advanced pedology.

Book a course, or register interest, by contacting Soil Science Australia.

Don’t see the course you require?

Our skill set is highly diverse, as are your requirements. If the course you desire is not listed, please contact us directly to enquire about building a course that meets your needs. 

Want a course run in house?

Soil Science Australia can facilitate as needed and on site running of the listed courses. The cost of this depends on travel and equipment requirements, as well as the number of participants. For this reason, fee structures are by negotiation. Contact us to discuss.