Teacher Guides

The following guides have been developed to assist with teaching soil content in the school curriculum.

Year 7 Science

Water contamination from run-off

Soil acts as a filter for physical and chemical contaminants. This activity-based guide shows students how sils clean water and poor soil management destroys this capacity.

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Years 10-11 Chemistry

Soils in the urban environment

Soils beneath our towns need to be managed. Students are property managers in this activity-based guide and investigate a range of soil issues that will affect their project.

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Years 7-10

Soil science careers

From trekking through the Amazon Rainforest to working in central Sydney, learn what soil scientists do day-to-day and the different career options for those who study soil science.

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Year 7 Science

Soil in food chains

Soil is at the very heart of the food chain. Students explore how almost everything they see, eat or use, in some way comes from the soil.

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