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Good quality soil science is key to improving your soil

The Smart Soils website is designed as a one stop shop for farmers, consultants, agronomists and soil professionals.

It provides access to local help and expertise in soils including the Regional Soil Coordinators and soil resources to help manage your soil.

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Why Smart Soils matter for agriculture

Healthy soils are fundamentally linked to strong regional communities through their connections to agriculture and the environment.

Soil underpins our agricultural production, directly contributing approximately $63 billion AUD per year to Australia’s economy (Jackson et al. 2018) and worth nearly $6 billion through agricultural production alone.

Healthy, well managed soils improve productivity and soil resilience, which reduces reliance on inputs. While soil degradation results in large direct costs, indirect costs, and lost opportunity to improve the future of soils in Australia.

We have the opportunity to improve soil health, by strengthening soil knowledge and capability. This is the key focus of this Smart Soils website and one of the main goals of the National Soil Strategy.

The National Soil Strategy aims to make sure our soils are valued, managed sustainably and improved so that they continue to contribute to agricultural productivity, environmental sustainability, and economic growth.

Latest News and Events

Soil knowledge builds farmer capability

Soil Science Australia – April 2023  Soil Science Australia is training soil professionals to help farmers build soil performance.  Soil Science Australia recently held Registered Soil Practitioner training in Tasmania.

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Soil Science Australia

Soil Science Australia is the national soil science body under the National Soil Strategy and a not-for-profit professional incorporated association for soil scientists and people interested in the responsible management of Australia’s soil resources.

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Our Partners

The Smart Soils website is supported by the Australian Government’s Smart Farms Small Grants Program.

The development of the Smart Soils website has been funded by as part of the National Soil Strategy, Interim Action Plan: Enhancing Soil Education and Expertise. Learn more about the Enhancing Soil Education and Expertise program. This project is supported by the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry as part of the National Soil Strategy.