Apply for CPSS

CPSS accreditation is available to members (and non-members) of Soil Science Australia. You can find out more about membership here.

People wishing to apply for CPSS must hold a tertiary qualification. Applicants who have not completed at least four university courses in soil science at the undergraduate or postgraduate level will need to first pass the Soil Science Australia Fundamentals Exam to satisfy the university study requirements.

Application Process

Step 1

Choose which of the two pathways to CPSS accreditation you will follow:

  1. by Narratives
  2. by Publications

As a guide, only persons having more than 30 internationally peer-reviewed papers of high impact factor (with at least 15 papers in the past five years) should apply using the Publications pathway. All others should apply by Narratives. Applicants by either pathway must have an AQF Level 7 degree or equivalent.

Step 2

Email the CPSS Administrator to confirm your financial status as a member of Soil Science Australia and to request an invoice for a CPSS application.

Step 3

Save all parts of your application as a PDF file, except the OPD Diary, which should be completed and submitted in its original Excel format.

Submit your PDF file(s) and OPD diary (Excel format) to

Step 4

Post the hard copy of your signed declaration, certified documents to:

Soil Science Australia Federal Office,
PO Box 55

Processing Time

Your application is normally acknowledged within five working days. Applications are normally assessed within one month.

Find information about the

  • CPSS Soil Survey Competency here
  • CPSS Contaminated Sites Assessment and Management Competency here
  • CPSS guidelines and application forms here

Application and Accreditation Fees

As at 1 January 2019


CPSS fees





CPSS Application Assessment fee (non-refundable):



Annual CPSS Accreditation fee:



Specialist Competency Application Assessment fee (non-refundable):



Annual Specialist Competency Accreditation fee:



Appeal Assessment fee (conditionally refundable)




Contact the CPSS administrator for more information