The Victorian branch of Soil Science Australia holds a regular program of events and activities which include meetings in regional centres. The annual lecture is the GW Leeper Memorial Lecture.

The branch provides support to students to attend the National Soils Conference, the World Congress of Soil Science and the National Soil Judging Competition.

Meet our Committee

President: Dr Gary Clark CPSS
Email: [email protected]

Vice President: Clayton Butterly
Email: [email protected]

Secretary: Helena Woolums
Email: [email protected]

Treasurer: Bhawana Bhatta
Email: [email protected]

Committee Members

Temma Carruthers-Taylor, Brendon Costello, Helen Hayden, Christian Krohn, Rebecca Mitchell, Boa Anh Nguyen, Nathan Robinson, Preeti Roychand, (Early Career Representative)

State Soil

The Victorian branch selected the Mottled Brown Sodosol as their State Soil. Also known as Yellow or Brown Duplex soils, Mottled Brown Sodosols are widespread across Victoria, predominantly in the 450 – 800 mm rainfall zone. They are used mainly for dairying and grazing, but increasingly land use is changing to cropping in the south-west.

These soils have yellow to brownish yellow coloured upper subsoil horizons that are usually mottled due to variable and restrictive drainage conditions. They generally have a bleached subsurface (A2) horizon leached of most of its nutrients and often waterlogged as water builds up on top of the dispersive subsoil after heavy rains.

Soil Science Australia acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land and we pay our respects to their Elders past, present and future.