The Queensland branch of Soil Science Australia holds a regular program events and activities which include meetings in regional centres. The annual lecture is named after Ron McDonald, a soil pedologist and active member of the Queensland branch.

The branch provides support to students to attend the National Soils Conference, the World Congress of Soil Science and the National Soil Judging Competition.

Art in Soil is an initiative of the Queensland Branch. ‘Let’s Get Dirty’ is followed a number of artists’ journeys over a six month period creating a piece of art inspired by soil. Visit the Let’s Get Dirty website to find out more about art in soil.

The Queensland branch by-laws are available on request.

Meet our Committee

President: Dr Maryam Esfandbod
Email: QLD.president@soilscienceaustralia.org.au

Vice President: Dr Georgina Davis
Email: QLD.vicepresident@soilscienceaustralia.org.au

Secretary: Ms Veronica Dullens
Email: QLD.secretary@soilscienceaustralia.org.au

Treasurer: Mr Sunny Jacobs
Email: QLD.treasurer@soilscienceaustralia.org.au

Membership Officer: Caroline Bennison
Email: qld.office@soilscienceaustralia.org.au

State Soil

The Queensland Branch of Soil Science Australia selected a Vertosol as their State Soil.

Vertosols are clay soils with shrink-swell properties that cause deep and wide cracking on drying. More than half of Australia’s Vertosols are found in Queensland, where they occupy 28% of the State’s total area. 58% of the State’s cropping area is located on Vertosols. They occur on mainly on alluvial plains, weathered sedimentary rocks (e.g. shales mudstones) and weathered basalt. Vegetation associations include grassland (e.g. Mitchell grass), open eucalypt woodland (e.g. Queensland blue gum) and brigalow/gidgee forests.

Soil Training/Resources

Please contact the Queensland branch to find out more about soil training.

Awards and Sponsorship

Branch awards and sponsorship