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Soil Science Australia is a not-for-profit, professional association for soil scientists and people interested in the responsible management of Australia’s soil resources. Soil Science Australia supports soil scientists and promotes the importance of soil as a finite resource. Some members are students, some are at the start of their careers while others are highly regarded experts in Australia and internationally.

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As Soil Science Australia is a registered charity, all donations are tax-deductible.

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What will my donation to Soil Science Australia be used for?

  • Education on the importance of soil and its importance in sustaining our food source
  • Publishing educational resources
  • Supporting professional accreditation (CPSS)
  • Providing resources for teachers in primary and secondary schools
  • Production on soil restoration after natural disasters e.g. bush fire and floods
  • Supporting students and early career researchers to attend soil science conferences/events

What methods of payment are accepted?

SSA provides payment via PayPal, Stripe or EFT.  If you wish to make a donation via an alternative payment method, please contact us on

Do I get a receipt from SSA?

Yes, all donors will receive a receipt. 

Donations Policy

A. Soil Science Australia appreciates the support of its financial donors. SSA as a not-for-profit organisation, relies on donations from the public and is committed to using these funds to further soil science in Australia.

B. SSA is independent in its views and apolitical. SSA accepts donations for the purpose of improving soil science and the environment. SSA under no circumstances allows donations to dictate its position and/or priorities.

C. SSA may refuse or refund a donation at any time if it is not within our policy.

D. The recognition of any donation by SSA does not suggest the authorisation of activities undertaken by the donor.

E. Any donations sought or received on behalf of SSA board members, committees, contractors or any person representing SSA must be used for SSA endorsed projects, research or any other board approved assignment.

F. Any donation received on behalf of SSA should be deposited into the Donation Savings Account.

Refund Policy

A. SSA will consider all refund enquires and attempt to ensure that errors are fixed.

B. SSA is under no obligation to provide refunds and the decision to provide a refund will be made at SSA’s discretion.

C. SSA will consider requests for refunds made within 30 days of the date of the donation.

D. To ask for a refund, please contact

E. Refunds will only be granted using the same payment method and SSA reserves the right to pass on any refund transaction fees not incurred by SSA