New members are always welcome to join the Riverina branch which has its base in south western New South Wales and northern Victoria.

Meet our Committee

President: Jason Condon
Email: RIV.president@soilscienceaustralia.org.au

Vice President: Susan Orgill
Email: RIV.vicepresident@soilscienceaustralia.org.au

Secretary: Shamsul Haque
Email: RIV.secretary@soilscienceaustralia.org.au

Treasurer: Guangdi Li
Email: RIV.treasurer@soilscienceaustralia.org.au

Publicity: Mark Conyers

State Soil

The Red Chromosol is the State Soil of New South Wales. Also known as red brown earths, red podzolic soils or ded duplex soils, Red Chromosols feature a strong texture contrast between the A and B horizons. They are distinguised from other texture contrast soils by not being strongly acidic like Kurosols or sodic like Sodosols in their upper B horizons. In their natural condition these soils have favourable physical and chemical properties, but many now have hardsetting surface layers with structural degredation and acidification problems caused by long term cultivation. They occupy some 20 percent of the state and are used for grazing, cropping and vineyards. they have been described as the ‘workhorse of agriculture’ in New South Wales.

Riverina/NSW/SA Robinvale Workshop 2019

See the report here.

Riverina/NSW Joint Branch Meeting 2019

Watch Dr Peter Bacon CPSS from Woodlots and Wetlands Pty Ltd present on environmental water flows.




Social aspects of managing soils (Australia, environmental flows (Edward-Wakool) and groundwater (Pakistan)

Watch Associate Professor Catherine Allan from Charles Sturt University and the SoilCRC present on the social aspects of managing soils (Australia, environmental flows (Edward-Wakool) and groundwater (Pakistan).

Nitrification Inhibitors and Soils pH

Watch Brooke Kaveney from Charles Sturt University present on nitrification inhibitors and soils pH.



Amelioration of sub-surface acidity with organic matter and lime

Watch Han Nguyen from Charles Sturt University present on the amelioration of sub-surface acidicty with organic matter and lime.


Soil Science Australia acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land and we pay our respects to their Elders past, present and future.