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We also serve on various committees that inform the multidisciplinary Standards Australia.

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Invitation to review The Australian Soil Classification (ASC)

The Third Edition of the ASC is getting close to completion. There have been substantial changes to the Second Edition, most notably the introduction of a new Soil Order – the Arenosols – to cater for deep sands. This new edition is the collective effort of the ASC Working Group, and many fellow soil scientists, over the last few years.

A pdf of the new edition is available for viewing or download, and comments and suggestions are invited and indeed welcomed by anyone with an interest in this area. Feel free to distribute it as widely as you wish. It is important that we get it right.

Details of the (many) changes in the new edition are provided in the report Preface, and email addresses where comments and suggestions can be sent are listed inside the cover.
Deadline for comments is 29 February 2020.

Noel Schoknecht and Bernie Powell
Australian Soil Classification Working Group