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SSA NSW soil consultant award 2024

For contribution to soil science by a practicing soil consultant in NSW

This award recognises the important contribution to soil science and the community by practicing soil consultants in NSW.

The award considers more than academic achievements. It recognises the challenges of actively consulting soil scientists to undertake innovative soil science research, policy contributions or soil education, without the benefit of time and resources that university and government soil scientists typically have.

Nominees must be current SSA NSW Branch members and a practicing soil consultant. The work should have been completed in the two years prior to nomination. Examples of significant contributions by practicing soil consultants include:

  • A conference paper, journal paper or technical report demonstrating innovative and rigorous soil science;
  • Submissions and reports submitted in relation to a community issue or policy development (eg, in relation to soil conservation, environmental protection or industry standards);
  • Evidence of community or industry education or extension program (eg, leading a Landcare demonstration field event);
  • A project report demonstrating rigorous soil science and environmental practice undertaken on behalf of a private property owner or business (must be non-confidential).

An award panel will select the winner who will be announced at either the Harald Jensen Lecture or the AGM. The winner will receive a small gift, a certificate and recognition in NSW and national SSA newsletters.

Self-nominations are encouraged, however, a seconder (also a current SSA member) is required. Applications close 31 May 2024. Please consider consultants you know (including yourself) who you believe may be worthy of the NSW SSA Soil Consultants Award.

National Soils Conference and Australian Soil Judging Competition Sponsorship

The NSW branch provides support to selected students to attend the National Soils Conference and the National Soil Judging Competition. For more information contact: [email protected]

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