Soil Science Australia delivers the Registered Soil Practitioner (RSP) training through:

• online modules and resources
• in-person workshops and field experiences

The training has been designed for specialists who provide advice to landholders, including agronomists, farm advisors, agricultural consultants and extension officers.

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Registered Soil Practitioner - Soil Management Training

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Soil Judging

Registered Soil Practitioner modules include:

• Basic soil fundamentals – understand soil functions and the ecosystem services delivered by soil. Understand soil formation, composition, classification and distribution. Understand soil threatening processes and their impacts on soil function. Understand physical, chemical and biological soil properties, nutrient cycles and the role of soil organisms. Learn more about Basic Soil Fundamentals training.

Soil field analysis and site interpretation – develop skills and confidence to assess an area in preparation for fit-for-purpose soil sampling and testing (e.g. monitoring, problem investigation). The collection of relevant available information and records and observations in the field. Locating sampling sites most representative of identified soil types.

Soil sampling for laboratory analysis – addresses the selection of fit-for-purpose soil tests (e.g. monitoring, problem investigation) and the procedure to follow to collect soil samples at selected sites. This includes selecting and using the sampling equipment correctly, and accurate and reliable sample collection, labelling and record keeping.

Soil data interpretation and application – develop skills and knowledge required to interpret soil test results to determine best management practices considering land capability, soil test results and future paddock management (e.g. production targets, landholder goals).

Delivered by Soil Science Australia, the Registered Soil Practitioner training is for any professionals looking to improve their soil knowledge and the practical application of soil fundamentals, soil sampling, field analysis, site interpretation, laboratory analysis and soil data interpretation.

RSP training supports RSP Accreditation but does not guarantee Accreditation. To seek RSP Accreditation complete the RSP Accreditation pathway and process.

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