The SSA Australian Soil Judging team won silver, competing against the world’s best, at the International Soil judging Competition held in conjunction with the 22nd World Congress of Soil Science (WCSS) in Glasgow, United Kingdom.

The team of soil scientists included:

  • Dr Bhawana Bhatta Kaudal (University of Melbourne)
  • Dr Chloe Lai (Soil CRC and University of Southern Queensland)
  • Jaylie Ryan (University of Adelaide)
  • Clare Tallamy (Virginia Tech, USA)

Fathiyya Ulfa (University of Queensland) was also selected to be part of the Australian team, but was unable to travel to take part.

In a wonderful show of collaboration, reflecting the spirit of soil judging competitions, the USA team shared their ‘reserve’ team member Clare Tallamy with the Australian Team. , a post doctorate from Virginia Tech (USA) also coached the team. The Australian soil scientists said “Jaclyn and Clare were a great help and a big part of our success. Thank you for helping us, and loaning us a team member!”.

In the team event, the United States of America took first place, followed by Italy (second), Australia (third), Spain (fourth) and Korea (fifth).

The individual winners were Clare Tallamy (USA), followed by Eduardo Vazquez-Garcia from Spain (2), Ben Atkins USA (3), Isaac Nollen USA (4) and Woosek Jang from Korea (5) 2/3.

Overall, Australia was awarded second place in the competition – Silver!

Team members were supported by Soil Science Australia to take part in the competition which is considered one of the best opportunities for early career soil scientists and soil science students to train, learn and connect with soil scientists from around the world.

“The experience of being able to compete internationally, guided by experts in soil science, and with the backing of Soil Science Australia, has been a career highlight,” said Dr Kaudal.

The Australian team came from South Australia, Queensland, Victoria and the USA!

Later this year, the 10th will be held in Ballarat, Victoria with teams of early career soil scientists, students and soil professionals competing.

Soil Science Australia (SSA) is the peak non-government body for soils and soil scientists.

SSA supports students and early career researchers and practitioners through a range of initiatives including financial support to attend key conferences such as the WCSS.

About the team of soil scientists:

Dr Bhawana Bhatta Kaudal is a soil scientist and associate lecturer at the University of Melbourne. Dr Kaudal is also a Soil Science Australia member and on the organising committee for this year’s Australian Soil Judging Awards to be held in Ballarat, Victoria this December.

Dr Chloe Lai is a soil scientist and researcher from the University of Southern Queensland. Dr Lai’s research with the Soil CRC focuses on improving the mechanistic modelling of different soil constraints in decision support tools such as APSIM, ARMOnline and Gypsy to help farmers effectively manage their soils to enhance crop productivity and farm profitability, while ensuring environmental sustainability.

Jaylie Ryan is a soil scientist and researcher from the University of Adelaide whose research includes looking at better soil testing methods for soil carbon to help farmers.

Clare Tallamy is a soil scientist and Undergraduate Research Assistant at Virginia Tech in the USA.

Fathiyya Ulfa is a soil scientist and researcher from the University of Queensland whose research includes landslide modelling and remote sensing.

Further information:

Soil Judging – 22nd World Congress of Soil Science ( – The International Soil Judging Competition was held on Wednesday 27 – Sunday 31 July 2022 as part of the World Congress of Soil Science 2022 (WCSS 22) in Glasgow.

10th Australian Soil Judging Competition 2022 – The Australian Soil Judging Competition will be held December 1-3 in Ballarat, Victoria, with teams and participants coming together from across Australia.

Soil Science Australia is the national soil science body and a not-for-profit professional incorporated association for soil scientists and people interested in the responsible management of Australia’s soil resources.

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