CG Stephens PhD Award

The Award is open to financial student and ordinary members of Soil Science Australia with a PhD thesis granted by an Australian University in the previous calendar year. While the degree may not yet be conferred, the examination process must be completed and successful.

To be eligible, students must be a member of Soil Science Australia before their thesis is submitted.

Nomination Process

Nominations must be made on the prescribed application form, available from the Federal Office or Soil Science Australia website at the beginning of each calendar year. Nominations must be submitted electronically to the Federal Secretary and the Federal Office before the closing date in the year in which the Medal is to be awarded.

Nominations are to be prepared nominator and a seconder.

Award Presentation

The CG Stephens PhD Award is presented by the Federal President or proxy at each national conference held by Soil Science Australia or at another event determined by the Federal Council.

Award Winners

2003J.E. White
2004S.C. Boucher
2005P. Kopittke
2006M. Tighe
2007S. Grover
2008G. Kew
2009C. Butterly
2010C. Scanlan
2011U. Stockmann
2012R. Setia
2013B. Malone
2014A. Marchuk
2015B. Ryan
2016N. Creeper
2017N. Robinson

CG Stephens
CG Stephens in the soils laboratory at the Waite Institute, early 1940s. Image courtesy of CSIRO

Charles G Stephens (1907 – 2002) was born and educated in Tasmania, completing a degree in science at the University of Tasmania. CG Stephens played a distinguished role in the establishment and health state of soil survey, classification and pedology in Australia. His participation in many surveys in all states means that he played a significant part in the development of regional Australia. C.G. Stephens was the first recipient of the J.A. Prescott Medal in 1972.