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This is a carefully curated database of important soil resources. The data base is not exhaustive but rather a library of what we believe are the most useful for the audience we are trying to serve – you. Where numerous items cover the same content, we have chosen the one we believe to be the best.

Each resource has been added after careful consideration against our selection criteria; including but not limited to its scientific validity, accessibility, and readability. The library does not include scientific journal literature as this is available via a number of other channels and is not considered to be the material the core audience for this list wants.

SSA reminds user of these resources that they are a guide only and due to regular advances in our understanding of soil science it is important to check the suitability of the information for your purpose with an appropriately qualified professional such as a RSP

Resource Suggestion
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We welcome your suggestions about valuable soil resources that could be included in the Smart Soils Resource Library. Please read this information before proceeding. Please remember, this Resource Library does not include scientific journal articles.

New resources are evaluated by Soil Science Australia’s membership of soil specialists.

Each new library resource is added after careful consideration, it must:
1. demonstrate good quality soil science. The resources must be scientifically valid. Case studies that contribute significantly to the understanding of soil management in Australian regions are also accepted.
2. be relevant to Australian soils, condition, constraints and management practices
3. add value to the Resource Library. If there are multiple resources in the Resource Library on the same topic then the suggested resource must improve on the existing resources that address the topic.
4. be readily available preferably in an electronic version. Some books may be out of print but should be available in libraries or from second-hand booksellers. The file size of resources should enable easy downloading or streaming.
5. be written in language appropriate for the intended audience.

Preferably, the resource should also meet the requirements of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1. to make web content more accessible and user friendly for everyone.

If your resource(s) meet the criteria, please complete the soil resource submission form