Peter Fisher is your Regional Soil Coordinator in Victoria

As the Victoria Regional Soil Coordinator, I bring to the position a career in soils and farming systems research. Prior to taking up the Regional Soil Coordinator role I worked for many years in low rainfall environments including Africa, Latin America, and Western Australia. Most recently, I was leader of soil physics research for 20 years in the Victorian Agriculture Department and managed a cutting-edge soil physics laboratory.

The Regional Soil Coordinator role is to provide improved communication, coordination, and collaboration between stakeholders involved with soil management. In this role I am keen to work with farmer groups, Catchment Management Authorities, Land Care groups, and young people, to use his research background to help ensure that current research can be rapidly extended and adopted, and that planning for new research meets the priorities growers have for missing knowledge. 

I have specific experience in understanding farming systems and has led research projects to improve new practice such as no-till, controlled traffic farming, and precision agriculture. I have also led projects on environmental stewardship such as production-chain life cycle assessment, ecosystem services, and soil carbon dynamics.

I have a passion for developing the next generation technologies for measuring soil properties such as rapid techniques for measuring plant available water in soils, determination of soil texture, and using a synchrotron to image soils in a similar way to human 3-D CAT scanning.

I am based at the Victoria Drought Resilience and Innovation Hub at the University of Melbourne’s Dookie campus and hold a Chartered Environmentalist and Chartered Engineering status. 

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